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Chapter 1


· The Time Travel

And… done! We just got to give this to the editor and we can go home” I declared.

“I’ll get this to him,” Clayton said.

I waved goodbye to him and walked home. While I walked home, I was thinking of what I should report about next. When I reached my white and green painted HDB, I sighed in exhaustion. Suddenly, I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. Shocked and scared, my first instinct was to hit the person from behind. I closed my eyes and spun around. Whack! After that, I heard someone cry out in pain. I opened my eyes and saw my neighbor, Caleb, a short fidgety man with curly brown hair. I saw some bystanders staring at the scene I caused. A sudden wave of guilt overwhelmed me.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay Caleb?” I apologized.

He looked at me, shocked at my reaction. He asked me if I had heard him calling from behind. I shook my head. I asked him what he wanted. He asked me if I had a spare tie. Why would I have a tie? I shook my head. He sighed in disappointment. He thanked me for my time and walked away. I continued to walk to my house. When I reached my house, I went straight for my bed and I threw myself on it. I didn’t bother to change. I reached for my air-condition’s controller and turned the AC on. I untied my hair and let my muscles relax. My eyelids started to feel heavy but I didn’t fight it. By the time I knew it, I was already asleep. Kring! Kring! Kring! Kring! I was awoken by my phone ringing. I checked the time on my phone. It was four in the morning! Who would call me at this time in the morning? I rubbed my eyes sleepily and picked it up. A familiar voice filled my ears. The voice instantly made me happy. It was my good friend Clayton. He was also my cameraman.

“Good morning Lonnie! I might have found our next story,”

“Tell me about that in the morning”

“It’s technically morning so…?”

“You know what I mean!”

“Okay, okay. Bye,”

That Clayton really knows how to get on my nerves, I smiled to myself. I might as well stay awake since that annoying Clayton woke me up. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make coffee. While I made my coffee, my cat, Snowy, started to brush against my leg. Then, Snowy started to meow loudly and tried to climb onto my leg.

“Okay, okay. I get the message,” I said annoyed.

But I couldn’t stay mad at it for long. I went to top up the cat food and my greedy rushed to the food bowl. I was not surprised at the size of my cat since all I did was eat and sleep. I grabbed my coffee off the table and took a sip from it. I went to the couch and put my mug on a small table beside the couch. I went to my bedroom and snatched the phone to text Clayton. As to no surprise, he answered immediately. I asked him what the next story is. He told me that in three days, it was the 150th anniversary of Turner Towers. I have heard of the name ‘Turner’ but didn’t know who he was exactly. I proposed to him that today at noon, we would meet at our usual hang out place to research about him. He agreed and hung up. I flopped on the couch thinking about Turner Towers. By the time I finished daydreaming, it was seven in the morning and my coffee was untouched. I only used the coffee as a source of heat. It was still a long time before the afternoon and I had nothing to do.

What can I do to pass the time? I thought. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and it was seven in the morning. It couldn’t be a thief because thief doesn’t knock. I opened the door to see Caleb, rearranging my shoes on the shoe rack in terms of colors. I sighed and asked him what he wanted. He asked me if I could have some tea with him this morning. Who in the world invites people for tea at seven in the morning? I always knew Caleb was crazy and for a weird reason, this invitation does not surprise me. He looked at me pleadingly and since I’m the only one who talks to him in the whole estate, he wants to befriend me badly. I have nothing better to do so I agreed. He smiled from ear to ear. His house was opposite mine. When I walked in, I was flabbergasted. He had creepy dolls and dollhouses hung on his wall. His house paint was black and he drew illusions on the wall and floor that makes me dizzy. His drawing is so life-like. I sat down on his dining table and he served me cookies and a nice, hot lemon tea.

He told me the people in the estate avoided him often and would keep the children away from him. He started to share his problems with me but I didn’t want to discuss such a negative topic so I asked him about his drawing.

“Oh, drawing is the only thing I’m good. It keeps me relax and sane,” he said.

“Isn’t that right Braydon?” he said facing one of his dolls.

Clearly. I said to myself sarcastically. I asked him if he could teach me. He gladly did and I spent most of my morning drawing with Caleb. I had no artistic talent so it was pretty hard. A few hours later, I was finally done with my illusion. I showed Caleb my drawing and he smiled. He showed me his and it put mine to shame. It was a portrait of me drawing. I looked so tense drawing. Suddenly I felt something vibrate in my pocket. I picked it up and I heard Clayton scream.

“Where are you?!” he screamed.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“You asked me to meet you at twelve remember Mrs. Forgetful” he sighed, clearly annoyed.

I suddenly recalled that I was supposed to meet him for our research.

“I am so sorry. I’ll be right there. Caleb, I got to go. Thanks for teaching me,” I said as I rushed off.

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