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Chapter 3


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“But can’t we just go around the stone statues?”

Clayton tried walking around the statue. Suddenly, the statue struck Clayton with its sword. Clayton barely dodged it. Clayton scurried behind me and asked me to solve it fast. I collapsed into laughter.

“It’s not funny,” he said frowning.

“Hahahahahaha! You should have looked at yourself running away! Hahaha!” I said in between my laughter.

I finally stopped laughing and did my calculations. On the first statue’s armour has the number ninety-three written on it. There were thirty-one words so ninety-three divided by thirty-one is three. I suspect that we were supposed to wait 3 seconds or minutes before we can cross. I counted the seconds in my head. After three seconds, I quickly jumped across. The statue didn’t attack. I told Clayton to run across after three seconds. Once he caught up with me, I calculated the rest. 372 divide 31 is 12. We got across pretty fast.

After that, we walked across the rocky corridor. My cat kept squirming in my arms and it jumped out. It ran towards a wall in the corridor and started meowing at the wall. I wonder what it was doing. It scratched the wall and meowed loudly. Curious, Clayton touched the wall and started digging through the wall.

“What are you doing?”

“Just help! I think that there is something behind this wall,”

Clayton used his metal water bottle to crack a small hole wall. Then, he used the cracks to get a grip of the large rock and pull it out. While Clayton did that, I had an idea. I took Clayton’s metal water bottle and ran to the moving statues. Clayton asked me where I was going. He followed me from behind. I did my calculation and whenever it couldn’t move, I knocked the hand of the statue and retreated. I did it for a good 10 to 15 times, then the hand broke off from the statue. I picked up the sword the hand was holding a gave it to Clayton. He smiled and he smashed the wall hard. After ten minutes, the wall was damaged enough for Clayton to dig through.

“Owwww!” Clayton retreated his hand from digging the small hole.

He looked at his hand and there was a deep cut. Blood was flowing out of his hand at a rapid hand. His hand was shivering in pain. A shiver ran down my spine when I saw his hand. I suddenly felt cold and a wave of worry overwhelmed me. I asked Clayton if he was okay. He nodded while still looking at his injured hand. He tore his parka sleeve and used the sleeve to bandage his cut. He continued digging but this time, my cat and I helped. A few minutes later, Clayton asked everyone to stop digging and stay silent. He put his ear to the wall and he seemed to be listening to something.

“You’re right, Lonnie,”

“I didn’t say anything. Is a deep cut’s side effect delusion?”

“Probably in my head. By the way, I hear water on the other side,”

“Groundwater? Here? “

We continued digging and Clayton finally broke a small whole. He gave one last blast and the whole wall gave way. Scared, my cat jumped into my hands.

It was pitch-black. Even with our torchlights. Suddenly, I felt a gush of wind by my neck. I think Clayton felt it too as we both looked back. An arrow was stuck in the wall. Clayton took the arrow and scanned it. I asked him if it was an ancient inhabitant. Clayton shook his head and showed me a logo on the arrow. It read Musen. Clayton explained that these arrows were sold today in sports stores. Suddenly, the cavern Clayton made lit up. There were torches up the wall. We looked inside and it was beautiful. We were on a cliff, staring at an underground lake and surprisingly, there were fishes.

“How are we going to get down there?” Suddenly, someone pushed me and Clayton down the cliff. We landed in the icy cold waters. I swam my way up and I turned around to see Clayton. Three boats floated towards us and people emerged from the boats carrying bows and arrows ready to shoot. We tried to communicate with them.

“We don’t want to cause any harm,”

“Shut up! Follow us. Do not try anything funny!” someone our age shouted.

They lifted us from the water with some of them still pointing their arrow at us. They rowed their boat to a rocky shore in the cavern. They tied us up and put us aside. They started whispering in Malay. I finally got a better look at the people who attacked us. There were eight of them. There were two kids, a teenager, a middle-aged man and four adults. After a while, the one our age spoke.

“What are your intentions trespassers?” the middle-aged man with scary red eyes said sternly.

“We are just trying to find a map, that’s all,” I replied.

“Lies! How would you know about a map if you have not been here before?” an old man accused.

“Wait there are others that have been here?” Clayton asked curiously.

“Silence!” a boy no older than thirteen shouted.

They asked the middle-aged man to bring us to their dungeon. The good-looking middle-aged man ordered us sternly to go with him. We just followed. We walked through a slightly squeezy tunnel. The tunnel didn’t have room for lights except the torchlight used by the man. Clayton asked the man his name. He replied rudely.

“Why do you want to know?”

Clayton kept quiet for the rest of the journey. All I was thinking about was the cat that was left on the cliffs. The further we went, the darker it became. We only followed the light in front of us. The tunnel got wider and there were finally torchlights hang on the walls. Suddenly we heard something cracking. The ground and the walls shook. Even the man was surprised. A pile of rocks fell above him. Clayton rushed toward him and dived, pushing the man aside.

“ARGH! My leg!

Clayton’s leg was trapped under a huge boulder. I rushed to him and tried to help lift the boulder. It was too heavy. I felt completely useless today. First Clayton got scratched and now this. I just had to help this time. The man was still shocked that he was alive. he touched his face and body to double-check.

“You can help too you know!” I grunted.

He quickly helped me lift the boulder. In no time at all, we freed Clayton.

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