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Chapter 5

Deja vu

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My stomach grumbled like thunder. I blushed and laughed sheepishly. On hearing me, Arman invited us to dinner. I didn’t realise that it was evening already. Clayton’s happy reaction was clear on his face. He was the first to sit down. I nudged him and reminded him of his manners. He whispered an apology. I sat down on the wooden chairs that were beautifully carved. I asked Arman who made the chairs. He said it was Wolf’s father, a scrawny man who had a thin beard. He modestly said that it was nothing much. He explained everyone’s role. The two little girls, Batrisyia and Sabrina, just had to clean the house. Wolf sold gems he finds underground. His mother catches fish for the family, and Arman makes sure everything is running smoothly.
I finally asked the question I was dying to ask:
“Wolf, why are your eyes red?!”
“It’s a contact lens, I just feel that it’s cool,”
“By the way, what’s your plan to stop Bill from taking this place?”
“Ah! So that’s his name, well, tomorrow, can you lead us to the lake so we can see the tunnel?”
He nodded. His sister offered to help but Wolf carefully declined her to protect her feelings. He said that we would go in the morning. Clayton asked how to know it was morning. According to Wolf, they had an internal clock. We just trusted them and they led us to our bedrooms. It had no beds, but it was surprisingly cooling. Wolf said that this was his room. I asked him where he would sleep. He replied casually. He said he would sleep in a boat. We thanked him for his hospitality and Wolf left.
“He’s nice for someone with red eyes,” I commented.
“Yeah, yeah. The person who threw us in a dungeon is soooo nice,” replied Clayton sarcastically.
“Don’t tell me you’re jealous? Haha!”
“Who says I’m jealous? I’m not jealous!”
I laughed. After an hour, we fell asleep. When I woke up, Clayton was already dressed. I got ready to go to the lake. Wolf led us out of the cavern and we were back on the surface. We got used to the bright light and we followed Wolf to the lake. It was a 10-kilo meter walk so I decided to take the taxi. We booked a taxi and we slept in the taxi. Clayton woke me up as we finally reached the lake. The lake was spectacular. There was a small waterfall and around the lake was a concrete track for jogging.
There were a few shops selling food and drinks. Wolf pointed at the other side of the lake. Near the waterfall. We went towards the waterfall. Clayton walked backwards asking Wolf if he had a phone. Before he could answer, Clayton fell down vertically. He screamed and there was a loud thud. He fell into an open manhole! People who saw took out their phones to record. Wolf and I looked down to see Clayton’s dead body. I screamed.
I suddenly jerked upright to see myself in my room. My heart was beating wildly and I was very sweaty. I took deep breaths to calm myself down. I looked down by the bed to see Clayton sleeping soundly on the floor. It was only a dream, but it felt so real. I decided to continue sleeping. I woke up to see Clayton already dressed. I went to the bathroom, which is a small cubical with pails. I showered and got dressed. Wolf asked us if we were ready to go. We nodded eagerly. We got to the surface and took time readjusting our eyes. Wolf warned us it was a 10-kilo meter walk. I asked if we could go by taxi.
“Don’t worry, Clayton will pay!” I smiled.
“Of course, I am” he rolled his eyes.
We booked a taxi and waited for a good ten minutes. Everyone slept in the taxi except for me. I had a bad feeling about this trip. I looked over at Clayton and remembered my dream. I repeated to myself not to jinx it until I fell asleep. Clayton woke me up and we got out of the taxi. We instantly saw the lake and it was quite breathtaking. Everyone was taking in the view but I have already seen it- in my dream! There were the jogging track and the small stores and even the waterfall! Wolf pointed at the other side of the lake. Near the waterfall.
I followed Wolf nervously and Clayton seemed to notice that I was nervous.
I nodded with a smile and Clayton started to walk backwards. He asked Wolf if he had a phone. I looked down hoping not to see the manhole. Unfortunately, I spotted the open manhole and I pulled Clayton by the shirt and he almost fell on me.
“What was that for?” he asked me raising his voice.
“You almost died,” I said casually and pointed to the manhole.
He looked shocked. Even Wolf didn’t notice it. He apologised for shouting at me and thanked me. Wow! Worst déjà vu ever, I thought. We continued walking. Wolf stopped near the river. He pointed inside the river and explained that there was a small cave that connected his cavern to the lake. I couldn’t see anything except colourful fish of all sizes. Wolf asked me what was my plan. I thought of my plan for a while. Suddenly, my cat started to meow loudly at Clayton. My cat stopped meowing the exact moment Clayton snapped his fingers.
"This idea may sound stupid but it might just work,"
I raised my eyebrow in curiosity. I asked him what he was thinking. A sneaky smile formed on Clayton's face.
"Oh, you'll see," he replied mysteriously.
Wolf and I looked at each other in confusion. Clayton looked around to see if anybody was eavesdropping. We huddled and Clayton told us the plan. After the discussion, we put our plan into action. We went back to the cavern and were warmly greeted by Wolf’s two sisters, Batrisyia and Sabrina. We asked the sisters to gather everyone to Wolf’s house. When everyone came, we informed everyone of the plan and their roles. I took out my phone and showed everyone what the park looks like.
We put our plan into action tonight. I was kind of excited to bring the man down. Early the next morning, we got into position. Clayton and I hid behind a faraway bush. The two sisters walked into the park with three men. The one leading them was that selfish businessman, Bill. The sisters were being handheld by a big and burly man that had his beard dyed white. He reminds me of Santa Claus but wearing a reflective vest. I could tell that he was holding the sister’s hand very tightly as they were squirming trying to escape. The third man was a scrawny and short man who was hugging a stack of paper.
“Don’t you think your plan is a little risky because if this fails, we have no backup plan?”
“Well, you’re the one that got us into this mess by promising to stop him!”
“First of all, we need to do this to get the map, second, it’s the right thing to do. We can’t just let their home be taken away’”
“I guess you’re right.
The twins pointed to the direction of the underground tunnel and ran away.

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