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Chapter 6

The plan

· The Time Travel

He asked one of his henchmen to untie Clayton but he also asked another one of his henchmen to stand at the door where I came in. Clayton rushed towards me and blushed.

“This is embarrassing. Can’t believe I was the damsel in distress,” he said

“No time. Follow my lead!” I whispered.

“Now the map!” the leader demanded with his hand sticking out.

I walked forward confidently not giving anything away. I gave him the map and he grinned evilly. He thanked me and went off. Where was Nik!? That was his cue! I tried to stall them.

“Wait! Please tell me who you are!”

“Since you won’t be seeing us any longer, I will tell you. We are an organization known as the I.F, Invisible Foes,” he said pointing at the top of his sleeve.

It was a logo of their organization. It was a large circle with a star in the middle. In the middle of the star were the letters I and F. I decided to call Nik. My voice echoed in the two-leveled hall and the I.F looked around expecting something to happen. Before they could leave the hall, a bolt of electricity hit one of the men. Suddenly, on the second level of the hall was Nik with a huge machine producing electricity. It was shooting electricity everywhere, it was chaos. We were like inside a plasma globe. The leader asked all his henchmen to protect him. The men guarding our exit left his post. I pulled Clayton to the door and we ran to the back exit where the I.F were going to escape. Nik turned off the machine and met up with us on the way. It was a real maze in the factory and that is our advantage. Nik knows this place at the back of his hand. We can easily ambush them.

Clayton asked me how he could help. I gave him a sharp strand of metal wire from Turner Towers. It was so thin it was nearly invisible. I asked him to place this at the back exit so he will trip. They will eventually be led to that particular exit. Clayton asked me what I meant by led. I smiled mysteriously and asked him to go without answering him. He ran off and Nik and I nodded to each other signaling that both of us knew what to do. Nik had already put another one of the electric shooters at the path their heading to. They will be forced to turn back to the hall with no shooters. Nik and I blocked paths with huge heavy equipment so they will go where we want them to go.

“Arghhh!!! Clayton would be useful right now. That guy is so strong,” I complained.

After pushing the equipment, my wish came true. Clayton was behind me. He said that he already placed the wire where I wanted. We continued to push the equipment. With Clayton’s help, we could push heavier equipment. We headed to the exit and we caught up with the Leader. He was alone after his henchmen protected him.

“You will never catch me!”

When he ended the sentence, he tripped on the wire Clayton had put. He was on the floor holding his bleeding ankle. He started cursing at us and tears welled up in his eyes. He screamed for his henchmen but none came. We snatched the map away from him and looked at him disapprovingly. We looked at him as though he deserved it but even though he did, I felt a sense of pity. I looked at Clayton and he nodded understandingly. Clayton offered hid hand but he slapped it away. All we could do was walk away. When we thought it was over, at the corner of my eye saw a bright light. We turned around to see one of his henchmen in a car. As it drove towards me, I was rooted to the ground. Fear paralyzed me. Suddenly, someone jumped towards me.

“You alright?” a familiar voice ringed in my ear.

It was from Clayton!


Nah! We’re even now. Don’t let your guard down just yet. He's making a U-turn,”

He tried to ram us again but before we could react, Nik was standing behind us holding two pebbles. He threw the pebbles directly to the window. The first pebble broke the window. The second one hit exactly at the driver’s face. He was knocked unconscious. We went back to Turner Tower as fast as possible to avoid any more of his henchmen but it was too late. Another of his henchmen on a motor-cycle chased them. They ran to the streets and saw a car parked at the side of the streets. Clayton punched through the window and somehow hijacked the car.

“When did you learn how to hijack a 1917 car???” I asked.

“Had bad university friends. Hot-wired the car,” Clayton punched on the gas and we were in a car chase.

“Hurry, he’s catching up!”

“Of course, he can. That’s a 2025 MOTORCYCLE!”

I could see Turner Towers up ahead. We were going as fast as we can. Nik asked us to drive all the way to the time machine without stopping. When we reached Turner Towers, Clayton rammed into the door and it smashed parts of the car off.

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