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Chapter 7

A new friend

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We only managed to sleep a few hours before we woke up to leave in the morning. Everybody walked us out of the cavern. They said their last goodbyes. The sisters were quite sad we had to go. They hugged us and wished us good luck for our adventure. Suddenly, Clayton asked Wolf to say something.
“Come on, say something. You wanted it right?” Clayton nudged Wolf.
Wolf took a deep breath and turned to his parents. He put his hands behind his back and bit his lip nervously. They talked in Malay but I was sure something wrong is going on. Wolf’s parents looked shocked. I asked the sisters to translate what Wolf was saying to his parents. The sisters also looked shocked. They stood there rooted to the ground. They didn’t say a single word. I realised that they were holding back tears. I didn’t understand what was going on. I asked Clayton what he asked Wolf to do. Clayton gladly explained.
“Wolf wanted to tag along with us on our adventure. He was bored underground so he is asking his parents for permission to leave,”
“Hahahaha! You have grown my grandson. I believe going on this adventure will make you a better person. But you will come back instantly right after you found what you want to find okay,”
Wolf smiled and he hugged Arman and thanked him profusely. He went back into the cavern to pack his things. After a while, he came out and hugged each of his family members one last time. He thanked Arman for allowing him to go and he walked toward us. I was probably more shocked than his family members.
“Where is he going to sleep? What about money and food for him? I’m not going to let him stay at Caleb’s again! What were you thinking? If he gets injured we are responsible you know!”
“He is going t crash at my place, I will provide him food and money, I was thinking that we need extra brains to add to this duo and I know that we would be responsible if he gets injured. Are you happy with my answer?” he smiled.
I noticed Wolf was nodding from behind. I sighed and just agreed. Wolf and Clayton hi-fived happily.
“Yes! I’ve always wanted a roommate!”
I walked back to the car with my cat walking beside me. Clayton and Wolf walked behind me chatting away. When we reached the car, I sat on the driver's seat and put my cat on the seat next t me forcing Clayton to sit at the back. During the drive, I asked the Clayton and Wolf what would be a good name for my cat. Clayton kept naming it after himself while Wolf named him after rocks and gems. A lightbulb switched on in my head.
“I shall name you after the most important thing to me in the world,”
“Me right!”
“Makes sense,”
We reached home in the afternoon and parted ways at Clayton's house. As I walked home, I put the map in my pocket and daydreamed about what would happen in our next adventure. I can't wait!

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