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Chapter 6


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“I’ll call you Mr Boss, Santa Claus and Tiny,” I whispered to myself.
“Really? That’s the best nickname you got,” Clayton raised an eyebrow.
We continued watching them. They passed a bench which Mr Wolf was sitting on. He covered his face with a newspaper article and pretended to be engrossed. Now, it was his queue.
“Hmmm, a lot of ghost sightings at this park, I hope it will go away soon!” Mr Wolf said loud enough for the Mr Boss and his men to hear.
Santa Claus and Tiny seemed to notice what Mr Wolf said. Mr Boss looked happy. He went to the spot and marked it by drawing an arrow on the ground with a marker. He went out of the park as his plan will attract too much-unwanted attention. We went out of the hiding spots and waited until midnight. As we predicted, they came back with equipment, They brought tools and a large and circular metal plate. They also brought diving gear as the lake is not that shallow. We tried not to make any noise. The wind was howling and a chilly breeze blew making each person in the park have goosebumps. Today was perfect for our plan.
Bill was pointing fingers into the river and seemed to be giving instructions. They wore their diving suits but before the could jump in, I screamed as loud as I could. Scared, Santa Claus and Tiny looked around and to their horror, they saw two identical twins staring at them from a distance. They looked a little fidgety. They jumped into the lake even before Bill. Bill carried the tools and followed suit. They spotted the tunnel and they got to work. Suddenly, the lake illuminated in yellow light. The carvings engraved beside the tunnel emitted a bright light. Out of the blue, the lake was filled with activity. Rocks and pebbles were falling into the lake. They resurfaced with their hands over their heads. Now, it was Wolf’s turn. A booming voice filled the park.
“Who dares disturb the peace of the Ghost of the lake! I do not want to see you at the lake o A’Famosa ever again!” shouted Wolf in the deepest and most threatening voice he could make.
The sister’s once again appeared but this time singing a creepy tune.
“La, la, la, la, la,”
Bill and his men shivered. The sisters took a step forward. Bill took a step back. The walked forward slowly and Bill and his men were walking slowly to the exit. Clayton snuck up behind them and…
They ran away so fast that they did not realise it was Clayton. I was sure that after this spooky incident, they will never set foot in this park or your cavern ever again.
“Your idea was a genius!” I told Clayton and the others seemed to agree.
I back flashed when we were planning to scare Bill.
“We need the twins to stay as far as possible so they can’t be recognised. When they arrive, I need you to be noticed. When they dive, I will turn on the lights we installed. After the lights, we will throw stones at the lake but small ones so they won’t get hurt. Then it’s Wolf”s turn. You no what to do right?”
He nodded. We put our plan into action. That night, we carved symbols beside the tunnel and tapped on fairy lights into the carvings. Wolf was very fast at making the carvings. I gave Wolf a microphone and we waited for them to arrive. Once they did, well, you knew what happened. We went back to the cavern to celebrate. Mrs Wolf prepared a feast for all of us. While waiting, Wolf taught us how to fish. It was harder than it looks. I managed to catch three fish but Clayton had zero talent in fishing. He was so frustrated, I laughed at his effort. After a while, Mrs Wolf called us in. We released the fish and went off.
The moment I stepped into the hut, the aroma of fried fish wafted through my nose. My stomach grumbled to the delicious smell of Mrs Wolf’s cooking. When we sat down, Clayton smacked his lips. Arman stood up and went over to us.
“Because of your bravery and wits, you managed to save this cavern from Bill and his men! So, I shall reward you with what you originally came for. The map,”
He handed me the map and smiled warmly. They said a silent prayer and started eating. It was really good. I realised that Wolf was not eating. He, instead, was playing with his fingers. I asked him if he was okay. He nodded and ate his food.

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