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Chapter 1


· Secret of Aokigahara
“Ding dong!”
“God! In the morning?! This better not be Clayton and Wolf,”
“Go away! I’m awake at ten!”
To my surprise, it was Nik! I apologised profusely. Suddenly, I heard someone laughing in a distance. Nik suddenly burst into laughter as well. I raised my eyebrow confused. Nik held up a phone and saw that Clayton and Wolf was video calling. They were laughing so hard; Clayton had the hiccups.
“Did you like the prank?”
“How can you be awake?”
“Simple, coffee!”
If you give enough coffee to that guy, he doesn’t need to sleep for the rest of his life. I closed the door in annoyance. The wind was howling and a gust of wind rushed into my open window. I went back into my room to continue to sleep. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was noon. Wait, that can’t be right. I ran outside and Clayton was not there. Clayton had not disturbed me in hours. I was starting to get worried. I called Clayton and he said that he was eating out with Wolf. I heaved a sigh of relief. He invited me to go to our regular Coffee café. I agreed and headed off.
On our most recent adventure, we followed the map to Melaka, instead of Rome. We discovered a cavern with an underground lake right under the hill of A’Famosa. There was a family already living at the lake. One of them was Aiman Wulfenite bin Ali or better known as Wolf. A selfish businessman who wants to turn the cavern into a tourist attraction. He disturbed the family by threatening and making life there hard. We managed to scare him off with our fake ghost. In the end, Wolf decided to follow us in our adventure.
When I reached the café, I quickly spotted Clayton as he always wore the same thing, A flat cap and a parka. I went to sit at their table and quickly ordered my favourite coffee. I asked them what they were talking about.
“I was asking Clayton what was your first adventure,”
“Is it the time machine?”
“Nope, you should remember Aokigahara,”
“Clayton insisted that you tell because and I quote ‘The best storyteller of all time,”
I blushed at Clayton’s excessive praise. I still had a question in mind that I wanted to ask. I asked Clayton how he got Nik to wake up in the morning and do that prank. Turns out, he gave Nik his phone so he can experiment on it. Before I could speak, someone had yelled thief. Three people dressed in black wearing ski mask ran out of the store. The people around me gasped in shock and took out their phones in a hurry to record this and post on their social platform. Clayton said that if we helped catch the thief, it could be a story. I sighed. The thief went to the escalator pushing civilians along the way. Wolf took out Clayton’s camera and started recording.
Then we ran to the escalator and Clayton skillfully threw a plate at the thief’s head. The thief tumbled to the ground. He clutched his head in pain. We went down the escalators taking our own sweet time. Wolf turned the thief around and pinned him to the ground, still holding the camera. The thief was whimpering in pain. I searched his pockets and felt something in his left pocket. I took it out and it was a beautiful shiny necklace. It sparkled in the light as I held it up. The owner of the stolen shop flew down the escalator.
I handed the man the necklace. He was a thin man with a thin moustache. He wore a blue suit and polished shoes. Completing the image, he wore a gold monocle. He took out a kerchief from his breast pocket and wiped his monocle. He thanked me graciously. He took a look at the necklace and walked towards me. He handed me the necklace and said that the necklace was a gift for helping him catch the thief. I thanked him and bowed to show my sincerity. The police came ten minutes later. After that, we went to Clayton’s house to talk instead.
He opened his door and we walked in. I had not been to Clayton’s house in a while as he was the one who always came to me. I took a good look around. His walls were painted dark blue and it was rather spacious. The last time I went to his house, his laundry was everywhere and his walls were stained with food. He used to have at least six different types of animals living with him, not including the flies and roaches.
“Are you sure we are in the right apartment?”
“People can change okay!”
“But I kept the animals. I have formed a deep bond with these strays. Check this out”
He called out five names and five familiar faces appeared. Not in a good way. A hamster, a parrot, a cat a dog and a squirrel ran to Clayton from his room. They gathered around him. Some standing up on two feet. Clayton asked me to get some food for them in the kitchen. He said it was a Tupperware labelled animal food. I walked to the kitchen and looked around. On the counter, there was a bright yellow Tupperware. I grabbed it and to my surprise, behind the Tupperware was a sleeping iguana. I screamed. Clayton and wolf rushed to my aid.
“Ah, so you have met Fieval,”
“Why do you have so many pets!”
“Are you going to tell the story or not? I’m kind of excited,”
I nodded and we sat on the couch. I picked up the cat and put it on my lap. Wolf had a squirrel on his left arm and a bird on his right shoulder. Clayton was patting his iguana. I started my story when I was still at University in London.

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